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Additional options

Additional options can be configured in the [options] section of pack.toml, as follows:

  • acceptable-game-versions A list of additional Minecraft versions to accept when installing or updating mods (see Adding mods)
  • meta-folder The folder in which new metadata files will be added, defaulting to a folder based on the category (mods, resourcepacks, etc; if the category is unknown the current directory is used)
    • mods-folder is now deprecated; aliassed to meta-folder
  • meta-folder-base The base folder from which meta-folder will be resolved, defaulting to the current directory (so you can put all mods/etc in a subfolder while still using the default behaviour)
  • no-internal-hashes If this is set to true, packwiz will not generate hashes of local files, to prevent merge conflicts and inconsistent hashes when using git/etc.
    • packwiz refresh --build can be used in this mode to generate internal hashes for distributing the pack with [packwiz-installer]
  • datapack-folder The folder in which datapacks are to be added; specific to the datapack loader mod you use, and must be set to add datapacks (that are not bundled as mods)