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Getting started

To use the packwiz CLI, first you'll want to create a folder to develop your modpack in. This should not be the same as your .minecraft or a MultiMC instance folder; this folder holds metadata and files for your modpack so it can be managed by packwiz. Then open your command line (Command Prompt/Terminal) and use the cd command to move into the folder you created.

Creating a new modpack

To create the files for your new modpack, just run packwiz init in the folder you created! It'll ask you for a few details, then create a pack.toml and index.toml based on your answers.

pack.toml is the main file of your modpack and defines several crucial details; including the name of your modpack, the version of Minecraft and the version of the mod loader you're using. Optionally, you can include a version (required for exporting to Modrinth packs) and a description for your modpack.

index.toml is the index of your modpack which lists the files in your modpack with their hashes (for integrity checking). You're unlikely to need to touch this yourself, but you'll need to run the packwiz refresh command when you manually add, remove or edit files in the pack.

Importing an existing modpack

Have an existing CurseForge modpack? You can use the packwiz curseforge import command with the path to the modpack .zip file, which will import all the mods and files from the pack into your current directory. If this isn't your own modpack, please make sure you have permission (or a license) to redistribute the modpack you import!


If you have existing files in your modpack, importing will overwrite them. It's a good idea to use version control systems (such as Git) with packwiz!

Cheat Sheet

You'll get more information in the tutorials following this one (and the reference pages), but this is a quick summary of the most useful commands:

  • packwiz init creates a modpack in the current folder
  • packwiz curseforge import [zip path] imports a CurseForge modpack
  • packwiz refresh updates the modpack index
  • packwiz curseforge install [mod] installs a mod from CurseForge
  • packwiz modrinth install [mod] installs a mod from Modrinth
  • packwiz update [mod] updates a mod
  • packwiz update --all updates all the mods in the modpack
  • packwiz curseforge export exports the modpack in the format supported by the CurseForge Launcher
  • packwiz modrinth export exports the modpack in the format supported by Modrinth (and their in-progress launcher)
  • packwiz curseforge detect to detect files that are available on CurseForge and make them downloaded from there
  • Use the --help flag for more information about any command!