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Publishing to CurseForge

Exporting a CurseForge pack is as simple as running packwiz curseforge export - this gives you a .zip in your pack folder that you can upload to CurseForge!

Since this pack format doesn't support side-only mods, packwiz can't create a pack that differs between server and client. You can use the --side flag to specify which mods should be exported - by default it exports a pack for Minecraft clients (containing mods with side client or both). Mods without the necessary CurseForge metadata (such as those installed from Modrinth) will be placed as JARs into the modpack zip; these must be approved manually by CurseForge staff.

Be wary of including files that you don't want (the packwiz executable, and the modpack zip itself) in the pack!

The CurseForge pack format doesn't really support optional mods. The user won't be prompted about optional mods, but if they default to being disabled they will be disabled in the CurseForge launcher. (though I can't speak for third-party support since I don't think the launcher usually exports disabled mods)

See the corresponding reference page for less information.